27 Jan 2013

Mirchi Masa-Lah
Boat Quay

We thought we found the best North Indian Restaurant.But...on the second visit......

Suitated along the beauitful river setting in row of restaurants in Boat Quay.A simple al freso setting along river bay was exciting by itself.This place nearly knock me with some fantasic food on my first visit.But on my second visit....

I am writing both the visits together for the same dishes we had on the second visit....

Tandoori Crab.$76.00/$78.00.
First visit :The crab was big,was cooked to perfection the tandoori masala was awesomely marinated.A bite the flavours were bursting in the mouth with incredible taste,juices flowed with a sweet sensation of delight from the meat.Such prefection was incredible for a BBQ crab here it was working right.

Second visit:The crab was big but the tandoori masala was very lame,no flavours,seem very mild with alot of colouring.The crab was very over cooked the meat was near to bone dry.

1st visit rating:9.5
2nd visit rating:5.58

Tandoori Lobster.$108
First visiting:I was just amazed with what the tandoor oven had done to this lobster.The smoky flavours and tandoori masala blended with such a precise.A single bite juices flow form the tender suckling meat.Never knew a lobster could tatse this good,awesome the best tandoori lobster I have had so far.

Second visit:The masala was like here and there,very mild,did not add anything to it much to the flavours.The lobster was bone dry meat was stuff and chewy.Never knew lobster could be so stuff and hard.

1st visit rating:9.5
2nd visit rating:5.00

Tandoori Chicken.half:$17.00.
First visit:One bite and whole table when wow!.This was the prefect and best tandoori chicken I have had and my 3 buddies were all cleaning the plates of before they could say this had to be the best tandoori chicken they ever had.The tandoori masala was incredible,amazing,fantastic.The chicken was bursting with flavour.It juicy,tender,still very suckling.Awesome ..awesome..chicken.

Second visit:whole chicken $30.00.
The tandoori was lame,no flavours.Chicken was cooked till it was bone dry.And tasted funny maybe overnight chicken.

1st visit rating:10.00
2nd visit rating:5.00

Aviyal.$14.00.It's vegetable dish in a very thick creamy paste.It was very tasty but very little veges in it.
1st visit rating:7.00
2nd visit rating:6.6

Jeera Rice.$7.00.Very flavourful,very nice.

1st and 2nd visit rating:7.9

Makhi & Garlic Naan.$8.00/$7.00
Both the naans were okay.Makhi(butter)naan was really over loaded butter.

1st and 2nd rating:6.5

The following dishes were only one try only.

Boti Kabab.$19.00. Tandoori Mutton chucks.The mutton was soft,tender.Taste was very light no flavour.
Had this on 2nd visit.Rating:5.59

Andhira Shank.$21.00.Lamb shank was very tender,parts easily but was not juicy.Taste of the sauce was very original,very nice but shank tasted been in and out of fridge some time.

Had on 2nd visit Rating :5.5

Samundari cake:$12.00.A mixture of crab and fish patty.Sorry way too salty to taste anything.

On 2nd visit Rating:


Roomali Roti.$5.00.Super soft,paper light very tasty on it's own.So far the best  roomail roti,I have had.

Had on 2nd visit Rating:9.95

Khusbu Malai Kofta.$14.00.Vegetable dumpling in a rich creamy sauce.This was a real surprise the dumpling was soft with some nut and veges in it.It was very different,tasty,very nice.The sauce was very creamy,a kind of sweet,very tasty.

On 2nd visit Rating:8.5

Golab Jamoon.$6.00..It tasted old,dry.Sugar surpy tasted plain and old.Sorry this had to be some days old gulab jamoon,


Drinks. were okay .

Masala tea.Could not taste any masala in the tea.The milk tasted old with some bitterness.And sugar they served was dried up.

There were two dishes I had on my 1st visit no pictures got deleted.

Tandoori Seabass.....$30.00.Very fleshy ,tandoor masala added flavour to the fish.slight fishy taste but did not overwhelm.

Lamb Sagwala.$21.00.The lamb tasted fresh,was super tender,soft .Melts in your mouth .The gravy was super,blended very well with lamb.

Service was okay.Prices were on the high side.
Overall,on the first visit,the dishes blew us away.We could find much fault in any of the dishes.We loved it so much.We thought  the dishes were the best we have had in a North Indian restaurant.

But on the second visit,less than 3 weeks the whole idea of being the best disappeared.All the tandoori dishes disappointed and was miles apart from our 1st visit.
Maybe a different cook or chef took over on the  2nd visit.

But still,anything to go by base on the first,I will give another try sometime later.But base on last visit and price.....I will wait abit longer....

Mirch Masa-Lah
North Indian Cuisine
36 Boat Quay


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