22 Jan 2013

Yong Tau Fu

Usually when I have Chinese food being sold halal,one try and usually no return visit.Don't get me wrong  I love halal food like Nasi Padang ,mee rebus,mee goreng etc.
But when it comes to Chinese version food like Hokkien mee,Char kway teow,Yong tau fu etc., it's a different story.
I always find the taste differs way too far .That's till I ate this Yong Tau Fu at Khoo Teck Phua Hospital.
Most likely it's factory done.But this is special.

I have visited this Hospital numerous time for this yong tau fu and it's just a stone throw away from my place.

All the stuff here are always very fresh.

The all important sambal chilly and the sweet sauce are really very good.The chilly sauce can stand on it's own against any stall.Not the very hot spicy but mild spicy and tasty.And very siok.

The soup  here,is the best I have had so far for a yong tau fu.It had a very strong soya bean stock and the dried ikan bilis gave a extra boost and punch to the soup.The flavours of the stock just expoles in your mouth.
I have yet to taste a soya bean stock flavour,this flavourful in a yong tau fu stall.

And there is bowl of cooked soya beans, you can help yourself to it.

Those who only take Halal food and love Yong tau fu,
It is so far for me the best Halal Yong Tau Fu I have had.

The soup rating: 9.5
Sambal chilly    :8.5
Overall rating   :7.0   

Yong Tau Foo
NTUC Foodfare
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
90 Yishun Central


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