21 Apr 2013

Mary's Kafe
Hidden in a tiny corner in Queen's Street.In Kum Yan Methodist church.With only sign on a chalkboard with the day's menu.Welcome to Mary's Kafe or is it cafe.

The food offer are mixture of nonya and Eurasian food.Not much variety to choose from.The only menu is what's written on the chalkboard for the day.

All the cooking are done just behind the counter.Done in small portion.It's like home cooking style.Manned by three older ladies.Most of the people coming for the lunch,were regulars.

The set was a very simple fare with a main,a side,rice,drink and a dessert.$8.00.

Had a Pork Chill Garam.Serving of the rice,vege(cabbage) the pork was quite little for me.The pork was not spicy, had very tangy flavour taste to it.Very tasty but not enough to for my tummy.

Chicken Curry Buah Keluak .Serving was very small.With single Buah Keluak with shell and a piece of chicken,taste was almost like the pork dish I had above.Nice flavours.

 Fish Curry.The curry was more to lemak(coconut milk Garvy) kind of style.The fish was some fresh water fish,which did not go quite well for me.

Appam with Caramelised Banana.Both the dessert I had were very nice.With just the right amount sweetness,very savoury.

Kueh Pie Tee.$3.00.Was good enough.

Sugee Cake.$2.00 per slice.This was soo good light,melts in the mouth.

Others snacks I had,Chicken pie,Curry Puff and Pineapple Tarts.All were freshly made.The puffs were flaky with just right amount of filling for the size.The tarts were were just from the oven .Still warm the filling were on tarts were heavenly,the pastry was quite okay but would have prefer much more softer.

Overall,with limited dish on offer,this a place is where their regulars come over.Most of them know each .Nothing fancy, home like feel.Tasty dishes.
But if you are bigger eater like me,a single set will not be enough.
All the set meal were priced at $8.00.

Mary's Kafe
1 Queen St
Kum Yan Methodist Church


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