30 Apr 2013

My Peranakan Spice Box
                                                       This Stall has closed

Peranakan food is mixture of Chinese and Malay influence.Have only eaten Peranakan food only couple times about 4 or 5 different restaurant.But found one in a food court and instantly had to try it .Had a couple of visits before this write up.

Soyabean Pork Stew with Rice.$6.80.Served with rice,soup and sambal.The rice was normal plain white rice.The soup nothing to notice .But the main dish....

The Soybean  pork was belly part ,with mushroom and bamboo shoots.The balance of flavour and sauce worked very well.The meat was very tender,soft .The only disappointment I had was there was no skin on pork belly,other than this situated very well for my taste bud.
I should not forget to mention the chilly sambal.Not really hot but spicy enough with a very nice kick to the taste.I had more and was still not enough.

Ayam Buah Keluak.$9.50.My experince with bakula is not much.And on the few occasions I had,it was nothing to rave about.Buah Keluak itself tastes like some mud,without much flavour or taste to it..

But here....I could taste ,what Buah Keluak can do for a dish.The mashed buah keluak with some spices and flavouring.This buah keluak chicken tasted very good indeed. I know some  might prefer the natural flavour of the muddy buah keluak but I am really enjoyed this version of the buah keluak chicken.

Fish Maw Noodles Soup.$5.40.Sorry this was very disappointing.The fish maw was so very over cooked on this day.It was a kind of mushy and tasted like some jello.The noodles did not work for me it tasted like plain pre pack dried noodles.The fish ball and meat ball were quite okay.The soup was average on this day.

Nyona Char Kway.$4.80.The wok hei was good,flavouring was nice but about 3 pieces of fish cake and 2 prawns.Missed the lard and cockles.

Minced Pork with Crab Meat Soup.$$5.00.I could not taste any crab in the meatball.Nor the soup had any crab flavour.But the meat was quite tasty soft,tender.The soup stock was more to pork stock which was very nice.With some bamboo shoots the whole dishes was very good.But for the price and for the missing crab and crab flavour,I not sure.

BlackSauce PorkStew.$5.60.With pork belly,tau pork,egg and chye sim.I had to mention chye sim for the display showed kai lan.This was good but slightly salty on this day.But the flavour and fragrant were nice .

Nyona Stuffed Beancurb.$2.00 per piece.Nothing much on the sauce but this was way too good to be ignore.Stuff tight with pork,egg cucumber etc.I will certainly go for this again.Awesome fillings.average sauces.But still manages to stand out.

Overall cheap and good.
101 Thomson Road
United Square
B1 Food Junction

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