7 Apr 2013

Queens Street Prawn Noodles

Though I have eaten this prawn noodles couple of times did not think much of it..That's till I decided to blog it.

Dry version a bowl of noodles with tender,fall out ribs and 2 pieces of prawns,surprising very succulent,with nice crunchy texture to it.

Topped with crispy fried shallots and few bits of lard.

Noodle were blanched perfectly on this day.Chilly went very well with noodle and the stuffs.Slightly more chilly would given the extra punch I needed.

Soup version It was good but  the yellow mee did not do justice to the soup .

Talking about the soup .Yes! the soup broth can certianly stand on it's own.Not as thick,strong,flavourful as some top stalls.But yet it was very flavourful in it's own way.

Worth try.

Blk 270 Queen Street
Albert Centre Market and Food Centre

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