11 Apr 2013

Spice Junction

Taste of Kerala
Feel like having Indian food,head to Tekka or for more refinded head to Race Coast Road.
 Sandwich between two big guns(Gayatri and Muthu's Curry) this small place commands to be notice...
It's small,simple dining place,nothing much for ambiance

This place serves South Indian Kerela cuisine,I have only had Kerela cuisine in three restaurants so far.

Appam,($2.45per pc),Idiappam$4.40 (3 pcs).The Appam and Idiappam were freshly grilled and steamed.Appam within few seconds became hard.We can easily get better freshly grilled from most Indian stall for about $1.00 or less.
Idiappam mostly we only can have pre packed ones.So having this is like a novelty.This had thicker strings,small portion but did not have much impact on the taste bud.For me the pre pack tasted better and much more cheaper.

Chicken Korma.$10.90.Well this did not taste like any chicken korma I have had before.It taste more to a  black pepper chicken.The pepper bits and taste was just overwhelming in this dish.Ask the staff he said,this how Kerala version is suppose to be.

Puttu $4.90 .It came hot but became quite hard within few seconds.

Kerala Parota.$2.20 per pc.This was soft,lacey but not crispy nor fluffy.It was quite nice in it's own way.

Malabar Mutton Briyani $11.90.Had very high expectation but it turn out to be quite normal.Good but not expectational.This just tasted like the cooked rice served with mutton and egg.Did not have the dum briyani fragrant and the kick I was expecting.


Fish Cutlet $4.90/ Mutton Cutlet $4.90.Both had very strong masala spice taste.I could not taste any difference between these two.They gave bottle maggie chilly sauce with did not do blend well for a masala fry.

Kerala Fried Prawns.$13.90.The spices worked wonders on this.Crispy,succulent still quite juicy.Taste was very well balanced.Worth it.

Kappa Erachi(Tapioca with Lamb)$11.90.The portion was big.But after much search we manage to find about four tiny pieces of meat.The rest were all tapioca.It's been some years I have had tapioca,so it quite refreshing to have it.But to name it with lamb meat,seems like a joke.
Other wise if you like tapioca with spice.But for the price not for me again.

Avial.$6.90.Properly the best dish of the day we had.But portion was quite little.

Meenu Pollichatu.$13.90.A small size fish snapper fillet piece which was already cooked with sambal like masala.Lighly grilled in banana leaf.No complains,it was good quite tasty.
But I prefer the hawkers' grilled sambal fish that have more kicks much more punch.

Brown Rice$2.90.Kerala brown rice was quite popular amount the diners..So we just had to tried.Fluffy,thick,fat ,.some uniqueness it.Did like it,some thing different .

Fish Molly.$9.90.This tasted more to lemak gravy.The fried fish in the gravy was very fresh tasting..The gravy was thick but had very light taste to it.Tasty.

Onion Pakoras.$5.90.Crispy,simple,okay nothing exciting.The maggie chilly sauce was a turn off.They should have given some of their own sauces to match.

Sambharam.$2.90.It's spiced butter milk(yogurt) drink.I love this one.Slight spicy heat with slight tangy sourness.Very refreshing.

Payasam of the day.$3.90.Sweet with some lentils and rice like stuff.Sweet savoury.

Tea.$2.50.Nothing much.Sarbath stall does better.

Vegetarian Meat Set.$9.35.I could not help see patrons having this set.The next day I went just to have this set.It was just 2 veges,moru,payasam, and a standrad sambar,rasam and papadams.No refills allowed.For $9.35 I still crying over this.
This was a very very simple meal with tiny portions with exordinary price...
If only I had known,this is all I am going to get for the price...
No way I will ever order this...still hungry I went over Tekka to finish my meal.

 Overall this was a decent eatry with some hits and misses.
Service was average
But the vegetrain set still haunts...

Spice Junction
Taste of Kerala
126 Race Coast Road

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