25 May 2013

Indonesian and Thai Cuisines

Looking around Novean Square for lunch.This place caught our eyes.
A concept of having both and Indonesian and Thai food,surely looked tempting enough for us to give a try.

Crackers.(Keropok Barinjau )$3.00.The crackers were served with a watery sambal belachan but it did go well with crackers.Nice though watery.

Thai Fish Cake$3.00 per piece.This was way to salty to taste anything.

Cumi Baker.$11.00.2 small cuttlefish cut to ring pieces.The taste was more to a Char Siew  taste than the usual black sauce bqq taste .The cuttlefish was not very fresh either.Sorry the Char Siew taste did not go well with us.

Eggplant Sambal.$8.50.The sambal sauce was too sweet and very oily.Another dish down for us.

Seafood Food Tom Yum Soup.$6.90.per bowl.It tasted more sour and a kind of sweet.The flavour of tom yam was just not there.It did not taste like any tom yam soup,I have had.This dish also did not go well with us.

Asam Fish Head.$22.00.Another dish that did not please us.The gravy was way too sour and way too sweet.The fish was over cooked.We try to eat some but could not eat this dish.Way way too sourish

Chendol.$3.80.The green chendol was pre packed type.It did have any taste by itself.Home made ones' usually have a kind of eggy taste to it,which really adds to the flavour of the chendol.Other than that the drink was okay.

Mango Pudding.$3.50.This mango is like ones' pre packed we could buy from any supermarket.I was hoping for something like home made.

Tapioca with Coconut Cream.$3.00.This was soft,melt kind of texture.The coconut cream added to the taste.This was good.

Overall the dishes we ordered did not go well with us.Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes.Maybe it was not our day,maybe not to our taste bud.
But this place have quite a number of patrons coming every minute.
So maybe it just our taste bud.

238 Thomson Road
#03-64 Novena Velocity

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