29 May 2013

Mouth Restaurant

Mouth Restaurant
Plaza Singapura

Though I seen the Mouth Restaurant  in different places.I did not think much of it.
Till I decide on  this day to give a try.

The dim sum all came at one go.

Rainbow Steamed Prawn Har Gao.$9.80.Colours were suppose to be made from plants,veges and squid ink.Only the squid ink Har Gao had a distinct taste,if you like that taste.
The other coloured  dumpling,unless you nibble at this to find the flavour.But still did not add much for my taste.
But the har gao itself was simply awesome.The skin was super thin,very light with a super crunchy prawn adding intensive  flavour to it.

Siew Mai with Prawn.$4.80.With some roe on top,The filling with the fresh and crunchy tasting prawn was simply very tasty.

Steam Crystal Dumpling with Wild Fungus.$3.90.The skin was very thin,could hardly lift it without breaking the skin.Savoury,loved the smooth mushroom and fungus in the fillings.One of my favourite of the day.

Chicken Claws with Chilli.$3.90.Was soft and tender,came of the bones easily.The sauce was just right.

Spare Ribs with Pumpkin.$4.50.There were small slices of pumpkin under the ribs.The ribs were a kind of tough,was not soft or tender.The pumpkin did not do anything to enchants the flavour.

Squid Ink Char Siew Bao.$5.00.Squid Ink was mild did not do much to the taste of the bun.
But my first bite,Wowed me.It was weightless,so very light,fluffy,airy.It just disappears with a bite and fillings was just divine.
One of the best char siew boa...maybe the best so far.
But wait a minute....After having this I just had to try the really deal....

BBQ Honey Pork Bun(Char Siew bao).$3.80.What can say.This was another class act.It was so divine,heavenly in the mouth.Most probably,I think the best I have eaten.
Which was better? Both were incomparable.Simply awesome.
The price factor comes in.

Xiao Long Boa with Crab Meat.$4.50.If the above were some of the best?This has to be one of the worst Xiao long Boa I have ever had.The skin was just way too thick.There was no juices or the broth in the boa.Maybe just on this day.

Baked Salted Egg Yolk Bun.$5.40.Usually having had the steamed one.This turn out to be very nice indeed.The baked pastry was crispy outside,it crumple with a bite.The oozing eggy custard sauce was so heavenly.Different but simply divine.

Deep Fried Banana Prawn Roll.$3.50.Crispy but the banana,prawn combination ...was okay.But did not really excite us.

Pan Fried Carrot Cake.$3.80.It was crispy on the outside,soft in the inside with some waxed meat and strips of radish.Was okay nice but I won't rate it on my favourite.

Deep Fried White Bait with Truffle Oil.$12.80.The Bait was very crispy.Somehow like bland crispiness.Truffle oil did not notice it.Only could taste some faint salt near to end bottom Baits.

Fish Maw Soup with Crab Meat..$10.80.Thick not starchy,Very thin shreds of crab meat with mushroom and fish maw.Very nice, flavourful,tasty.

Braised Tofu with Treasure.$16.00.The tau fu was somehow still crispy on the outer side and soft on the inside.The light sauce was nice and the fillings inside was tasty but not sure whether it complimented the tau fu.

Deep fried Intestine.$12.80.Was crispy,soft in the inner part.Was okay can do.. not bad.But did not like the leek.

Kai Lan with Egg White with Crab Meat.$15.00.Ask the waitress" Is the Kai Lan, Hong Kong Kai Lan?".She said yes their Kai Lan were Hong Kong Kai Lan.
But this did not taste like Hong Kai Lan,Did not have the sweetness nor the tasty,crispy,snappy, crunchy that I could find in Hong Kong Kai Lai.
 This tasted  like normal China Kai Lan .
Other than that,the Kai lan was fresh,it was okay, eggy crab meat sauce was very tasty.

Fried Rice with Conpoy & Scallop.$16.00.Had quite a lot of Scallop pieces in the rice.Wok Hei could have been better.Was good but did not standout.

Deep Fried Peacock/Phoenix Fish.$38.00.This was a visual treat.A eye pleasing culinary art.

Back view the fish tail bended,lifted to give the peacock  feather vision.
The fried flour batter was very crispy,crackling very nice to munch but tasteless.
The outer fish batter was kind of thick.
But the fish (Soon Hock) was very fresh,tender,flaky.
The superior sauce was okay... average tasting.
For a visual treat and for the creative  culinary skill .Bravo.

Scallion Chicken.$24.00.The yellowish green colour skin was a kind of a turn off.But....

 This was one of smoothest,super silky,soft tender chicken ever.
The skin was so super smooth,so soft and so very tender.It just melts with a bite to it.It was so much different from other best chicken rice,chicken skin.
The flesh was so savoury,very tender,so smooth the chicken just slide down the mouth without afford.
The chicken is not like the chicken rice,chicken.
This chicken was already cooked with the  right amount of salt and flavouring.And tasted incredible by itself.
The savouriness,tenderness,smoothness was just hard to beat.Awesome..Awesome.

Scallion sauce which accompanys' the Scallion Chicken.The sauce was very nice,complimented the chicken very well.
But I still wish they had some chicken rice chilly sauce too.

Chilled Mango with Pomelo Sago.$4.50.Mango puree was slightly on the diluted side.Portion was quite small.

Purple Potato with Taro.$5.00.The Purple Japanese sweet potato was thick creamy,soft just melts smoothly in the mouth.Siok!

Chilled Durian Ball.$4.50.Smooth soft super thin skin.With super creamy durian inside.Sure to please any durian lover.

Overall,I was not happy with the seat,which was a long wooden bench,quite uncomfortable.
Service was okay.
We were certainly very impressed with the food quality.Most of the dishes were above average,some were  outstanding
Worth another return trip.

Mouth Restaurant
68 Orchard Road
#02-01 Plaza Singapura

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