15 May 2013

Ocean Kingdom Seafood Restaurant
Walking pass Joo Chiat Road couple of times notice this old two storey building. Read some mixed review before.But on this day we decided to just let's have a try.

Braised Sea Cucumuber with Mushroom.$30.00.The sea cucmuber,broccoli ,mushroom were all very fresh ,cooked to near perfect.The flavouring sauce was light(mild).Maybe done on purpose just to taste freshness and the prefectly timed cooked of the dish.But I would have prefer much more flavour and taste in sauce.But still very nice.

Sambal KangKong.$12.00.Kang kong was cooked just right with the right crunchiness
Chilly and salt were lightly done but the portion was big.

Kai Lan with Salted Fish.$15.00.  The portion was quite big.Seasoning was quite mild.But the kai lan itself  was super fresh with sweetness and very mild light crunchy bitterness.The taste of the Hong Kong kai lan itself was amazing.I am loving this Hong Kai Lan.

Bacon Seafood Roll.$18.00.Tasted like some ham seafood roll.But this was really nice.With some light crispiness on top and soft centre.The flavour, texture,the stuffing with the bacon and the sauce were just perfect.Siok.!

Soon Hock with Hong Kong Sauce.$72.The fish was huge for the price.The sauce seasoning and flavouring was very light,mild in taste.But the seabass was super fresh,smooth.soft,very flaky.Perfectly timed steaming.

Crab Bee Hoon.$45.00.This was just a okay dish,quite average tasting.But the portion of bee hoon was quite a lot.But this could have been my flaut, I still  don't know, how I ordered such a small crab.

Fried Rice with Shredded Conpoy.$12.00.This was very good.The shredded conpoy worked very well here,adding great flavouring to the already perfect fried rice.One of the better fried rice I have had in along time.

Overall service was good.But most of the wait staff don't speak English.
All the food were very fresh.Seafood were super fresh and very reasonably priced
The mild flavoured sauces that just wakes the freshness of the seafood would appeal to most.
I don't think you can go wrong dining here.
Worth another visit.

Ocean Kingdom Seafood Restaurant
382 Joo Chiat Road.

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