12 Jun 2013

Jay Prata
Super crisy,super thin flakiness....

 Just opened less than a month ago.My first bite of this prata was a wow.It's been such long long time,since...

8 Jun 2013

World Street Food Congress 2013

World Street Food Congress part 2

Last day last..Last Chance to try Some of the other Nations Street Food Culture.
Let's Support The Event.

My second visit...

my first visit  LINK

This stall was closed on my first visit....
This was the first stall I head down today...

Meyers Kokken.Proc Burger $14.00.(Denmark)

5 Jun 2013

World Street Food Congress

World Street Food Congress 2013
more world street food congress pt.2.
This is happening now and would not be here for long.Started on the 31/5/2013 and ending on the 9/6/2013.Just few more days left,for us to try some street food from other Nations.
Be warned portions are much much smaller than expected.Prices are not on the street food par.

The entrance....you have buy your tickets here priced $28.00.But entrance is $8.00,you will have $20.00 worth of coupons, range from $5.00.$2.00,$1.00.050 cents.

The set up is simple with each stall selling about one or two dishes only.