8 Jun 2013

World Street Food Congress 2013

World Street Food Congress part 2

Last day last..Last Chance to try Some of the other Nations Street Food Culture.
Let's Support The Event.

My second visit...

my first visit  LINK

This stall was closed on my first visit....
This was the first stall I head down today...

Meyers Kokken.Proc Burger $14.00.(Denmark)

The stuff you see on the plates are not fries they Pig's skin with sight fat attached.This were super crispy,with loud crackling bite to it.This were really wonderful.Super awesome crackling pork fat.

The pork burger was topped with some wonderful mayo kind of sauce,pickle cucumber,pickle purple cabbage,apple slices with the crispy pork,and about two or tree thick slices of pork..
The pork was a kind of dry,it was not as succulent nor juicy.As a whole burger,the bursting of the flavours with a bite was simply awesome
This burger was bigger than expected.This burger was well worth the price tag.
One of the best stuff in the whole event.

Mon Ngon.Banh Da.$11.00(Vietam)

When I first saw the lump of slightly dark coloured kway teow.I though something was wrong with it.No,this was wine rice noodles.It was topped with some home made fish cake,fried snake head fish,prawn and etc.For a me an unusual soup taste might need getting use to it

Ah Chye Rojak.$7.00.(Malaysia)

The veges and fruits were fresh.the prawn paste sauce was okay. But it did not stand out.Our Old Airport food centre and the one Dunman food centre and quite a number of others can do better than this.

Bhaskar Mysore.Tarmarin Rice with Garlic Chicken.$5.50.(India)

Both the Tarmarin rice and the garlic chicken were both very nice.Taste was good.But using a frozen chicken piece was a turn off.

Kerak Telor.$5.00.(Indonesia).

Kerak Telor is kind of pan cake topped with some coconut roasted with sugar and salt.And topped some fried Onion.Taste wise I really can't make much of.I was not so excited about eating this.

Tamba'la Manado.Nasi Manado.$8.50.

A simple rice dish.As whole,the whole stuff worked well for the taste.Though the pork was a kind of hard and dry.(Maybe frozen)

Gurney Drive Penang Asam Laska.$8.00.(Malaysia)

I am not a fan of Penang Laska.Just tried it out,it did tasted much better than what have eaten before.

Khun Pas.Thua Phep & Khao Kriah Pak Moh.$4.50.(Thailand)

This was one of my favourite of the day.Was told all the colourings on the dumpling were made natural greens.The sliky smooth translucent glutinous skin on both the dumpling was amazing.
The purple dumpling had some minced pork in it.It just slides through in the mouth.
The other coloured dumplings,with mung beans,were sweet heaven in the mouth.One my favourite of the day.

Indian Gate Bhel Pun.Batata  Puri.$4.50.(India)

Batata  Puri.It was some kind muruku mixture with peanuts and potatoes.The sour sweet sauce that stands out here.Other wise it was like muruku.

Nomjit Kaiyang.Som Tum & Kai/Moo yang.$8.50.

My first bite did not do much.But when eaten with the sticky rice the whole dish came together.The wings were very good on it's own.the pork was a bit dry.The salad green with salt egg must be eaten with the sticky rice to release the whole flavour of the dish.

Kluay Tord.$4.50

These were actually 3 types of fried fritters.(Banana,sweet potates,yam).It was not hot.There was no crispiness.Taste wise we can get better fritters here... many places.

This is the first time the event has come our soil.For sure need to do some fine tuning.
But for now let us support this event.
Let's make it a successful event

Last day!!!... Try it out !!!...Support the event..

World Street Food Congress
World Street Food Congress 2013
The F1 Pit Building and Paddock

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