5 Jun 2013

World Street Food Congress

World Street Food Congress 2013
more world street food congress pt.2.
This is happening now and would not be here for long.Started on the 31/5/2013 and ending on the 9/6/2013.Just few more days left,for us to try some street food from other Nations.
Be warned portions are much much smaller than expected.Prices are not on the street food par.

The entrance....you have buy your tickets here priced $28.00.But entrance is $8.00,you will have $20.00 worth of coupons, range from $5.00.$2.00,$1.00.050 cents.

The set up is simple with each stall selling about one or two dishes only.

The Pig's People.Porchetta Sandwich.$9.00(USA)

The bread was very soft not toasted.The sandwich was nice,the braised pork was very soft,super tender and fresh tasting.The crispy skin,roasted garlic sauce and fresh leaves did add to the flavour of the sandwich.A very mellow tasting bite to it.

La Guerrerense.Seafood Tostada. $10 (Mexico)

It was filled with prawns,cuttlefish,scallop and etc.But this was kind of a seafood salad on a cracker,all the stuff were cold.
I asked for the maximum heat.And they started to cheer loudly and some of the other stalls joined in the cheering
My first bite was a kind of  disappointing,The coldness of the seafood  hits you.But after a bite or two.It started to work on you.The flavour ,the sauce,the heat.the freshness of the seafood and the super crispy crackling of the cracker,all combine to give very bursting taste.It was really very nice in mouth.

Shahi Litti Chokha.$6.50(India)

The chokha are the small pieces biscuit kind of stuff,stuff with gram inside.I went for the whole package with the mutton.
The dhal,the mutton and the chokha all did not work for me.(I usually love Indian food.)

Euro Trash Food Cart.Soft Shell Crab Burger.$12.00.(USA)

A very simple burger with soft shell crab .The crab was fried right very crispy and slight succulent taste in inside.The sauces helped in the taste.Different kind of burger.Nice.

Hoy Tord Choa Lay.Thailand. $8.00.(Thailand)

This was like our fried Oyster.The Oyster were very fresh,big had very succulent taste to it.It tasted much better than one's I have had from some of my favourite stall.The batter was nice,crispy with towkay hidden underneath.. Very good.

Abhishek.Chicken 65.(India)

I was disappointed with this.The flavouring,seasoning were all very tasty and nice.But this was not a fresh chicken piece.They were using frozen one and all they had today were drumsticks.And to make it worst the chicken was very cold.

Phan Rang 38.$9.00

This like soft crepe.With some towkay.2 piece prawn inside garnished with lettuce and basil leaves.Taste wise nothing much to desire .The sauce did not do much either.

Big Nyonya.Nasi Ulam set with Chendol..$10.00.(Malaysia)

This was a rice blended with fresh herbs,veges,spice and fish all mixed in the rice.This was like rice I have eaten when I was a child.The cooked rice mixed with all the side dishes together and fed by my mum..
But this Nasi ulam was different experince.The crunchy fresh uncooked herbs and veges added nice fragrant and bite to it.And the fish bits added to the taste.The spicy sambal belchan was a instant hit with the dish.This was one my favourite of the day.
The Chendol drink itsef was very good.But the green chendol strips were very disappointing.This was not home made.It was tasteless.Ther was no eggy kind taste to it.Maybe bought right here in Singapore.

Loin City .Seafood Teppanyaki Set.$14.00.(Vietnam)

He suppose to be a famous chef( Chef Panumas Chaisalee)who beat an iron chef in food program.Sorry I am not going into history.

The  set consist of Mee Goreng,BBQ Sambal Cuttlefish and Chilly Crab.
The mee goreng was nowhere near our Singapore seafood mee goreng.
The BBQ cuttlefish was 2 small thin slices with alot of onion.

This suppose to be the  winning dish in the food Challenge .
The Chilly crab.
The chilly crab was okay,Tasted almost like ours.
This was very mild down,a very light version to suit the taste bud of the Westerners.
But for me,a lot of stalls here can do better than this.
But a whole crab is going from $$25.00 to $30.00.Which more than reasonably priced for the size.

The Swamp Shack.Shrimp & Grits.$10.00(USA)

This was one of my favourite of the day.The super smooth corn polenta was a wonder by itself and the crispy,crunchy shrimps were added flavour to it.Yummy.Love it.

Kue Pancong.$4.00.(Indonesia)
Seetoh was there talking about this Kue Pancong.How these people who this live in ulu areas,did not  have birth cert.And the difficulty in bring them to Singapore for this event.

The whiter one is named Kue Pancong made with coconut.And the mild yellow is Kue Pukis.Both were okay,quite nice in it's own way.

Nam Bo.Sticky Rice Banana.$4.00.(Vietnam)

Glutinous rice infused with coconut water,roll around a banana wrapped in banana leaf,toasted on charcoal fire.Topped  slightly with thicken creamy coconut milk and sesame seed.
The slight crispiness on glutinous rice and caramelised soft banana inside worked wonders in my taste bud. One my favourite of the day.

No Name Cheng Tng.$3.00(Singapore).I know what am doing having our very own local drink But on this whether why not.And I  had two cokes.($2.00 each)

Very cold,cool refreshing on this very hot day.With a lot of  ingredients in it.

There has been a lot of manpower and hard work.To bring this event to our soil.
The prices may be high,the portion may be little.
But to organise a even of this magnitude,bringing guess speakers, the street vendors from other  nations and to accommodate them all,here,is no small feast.

You can't feast on the portion given.(I ate all the above stuff all by myself alone)But it's here and chance for us to try and taste.
Overall if you don't travel much.If you are a foodie ,you like to eat decent stuff from other places.You should not miss this.

Event Ending On 9/6/13

World Street Food Congress 2013
The F1 Pit Building and Paddock

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