7 Jul 2013

Warong Sudi Manpir(Satay)

 In earlier times I would travel from Yishun to this place just to have these satays.

 I have eaten these satays on numerous occasion .

I usually have mutton satays, sometimes with chicken.A slight charred would be my preference .
I did not mind my travel for these satays.
But recent few visits did not do much justice to my visit.
The awesome marinate,seasoning was just not there it seem like light glance mild spices and sugar.The satays were quite dry and was not as good as before.

But the peanut sauce was good as ever.Thick with some crunchiness,with the right amount of sweetness.It is still one of the best satay peanut sauce around.
This was so good some might,forget the taste of the satay itself.This peanut sauce can hide any misgiving of the satay.

The ketupat (rice cake) which is usually wrapped in leaves, now is in a kind of plastic wrap.But the softness of and taste were not much compromise.It tasted good as before.

But for satay itself....
Price 0.50 cent per stick

Haig Road food centre
14 Haig Road

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