28 Jul 2013

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice

Though they have another 2 branches.Their main branch at Novean Ville was the most popular.Their main branch at Novean  Ville has closed for good giving way for development.But after a few months...
Now they have opened at a new premises in United Square.

In much bigger,better environment.It has much more seats and space.

Still drawing the crowds.The queue forms very fast just before peak hours,though there were quite number of seats available.
Be prepare to share table if you come in a smaller group.
Okay now to the chicken and the rice.

A set $7.00.Comes with chicken,rice and a dumpling soup.

Normal order $4.80.White chicken and rice.

Their signature Roasted Chicken.Cuts were thick and big.It was good as ever with slight crisp on the skin and juicy inside.

Added liver and gizzard  $0.50 cents each.Liver was cooked right soft and nice.

White chicken.Cuts were big and thick, smooth,savoury,soft,tender and juicy.

Dumpling soup had some Kai Lan.The prawn dumpling was big,filling was full.Taste was good.But the soup served for the chicken rice tasted better.

Their rice has always been different,big and plump.Perfectly cooked and fragrant .

The sauces.The chilly sauce compliment the rice and the chicken very well.

Prices were quite reasonable for the serving.
Service was quite slow and it was not even crowded yet.
The chicken and the rice were good.
I have eaten this chicken number times before.
They are consider one of the best around .Certainly can have a try.

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice
United Square
010 Thomson Road.

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