9 Aug 2013

Whitley Road Big Prawn Mee

I know this is a very popular prawn mee  stall. .Though I work around this area  and have seen this stall for years, I did not try out this prawn mee, till now.

The first thing that came was their soup.It was so very little,just glancing the bottom of the small bowl.I asked for more on the spot.And they gave me another bowl with same portion.The soup was quite  concentrated ,prawn stock was strong.

I had the $8.00 dry version.Just 2 medium size prawns sliced into half.With about 3 to 4 tiny bits of ribs.The prawns and the ribs were okay but did not stand out in taste.The prawns were not that crunchy.And ribs did not have enough meat.

The noodles were QQ.The chilly complimented the noodles very well.It was tasty.But the noodles portion was very little .Just about 3 mouthful and it was gone.

Overall a very good prawn noodle.But the for the $8.00 .The prawns,ribs and the noodles portion were quite disappointing.
I would have had another visit but what I got for $8.00 changed my mind.

Whitley Road Big Prawn Mee
Novena Gardens
273 Thomson Road.

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  1. This looks so tasty, your blog has made me so hungry, I have to go make lunch now :)