5 Sep 2013


 food theatre

Pan Pacific went through new face lift ,with the birth of the edge food theather.An International buffet concept being born has new comer to buffet scene.

There were variety  of seats to choose from for our seating's.We went on weekday for lunch,so no problem for seats.They have different type seat from sofa to normal seat.A very big and spacious place.Taking about more than half the floor space of the third level.
Very welcoming and friendly staff.

Salad station

There were ready made and DIY salad.Try some not bad fresh and with quite number seasoning and sauces to choose from.

 Cold cuts...
No names on it had some which they said were pork and chicken.

Cheese.. cheese..
Did not try any....

Pizza and Pasta.....
My niece try one piece of the pizza and did not take any other.They roll the dough super thin with rolling pin.Pasta was okay.

Roast pork had slight crispiness on the skin seasoning was good.

Pasta with mussels.Mussels were fresh.

Quiche,Potato Gratin tried the quiche was good.



Soups...Mushroom and Potato with Leek.Both the soups were very creamy and very tasty.Mushroom soup was choked with bits of mushrooms

Asparagus  was fresh crunchy okay.

Pan Seared Sea Bass slight fishy taste.

Pork Schnitzel had slight crispiness was not bad.

Baked Potatoes was very good and tasty.

Chicken Breast was quite dry

Duck confit & Sautéed Root Vegetable... good enough.There were Beef roast and Beef medallion sorry no photos.

Indian Station...Chicken Tikka seasoning was good but the chicken was quite dry.

Lamb Palak was nice.

Kabuli Pulao was very fragrant and tasty.Better than some of the best biryani rice around.

Dal was good

Mixed veges okay

Potato Cutlet was so so

Naan was lame maybe I did not get very fresh from the oven.



Nasi lemak..the lemak(coconut milk )rice was in it's class of it's own.This lemak rice can put any top nasi lemak rice to shame.It was very flavourful ,very fragrant,rice parts individually.Every bit of rice could taste the lemak .Cooked fluffy and perfectly.

Condiments for the nasi lemak all went very well with the rice.

Satays were surprising quite good .I am usually quite happy with mutton but here the chicken was certainly better .The peanut sauce very good .

Add any of this of stuff and make gado gado.

Sayur lodeh ,Fish Hitam Manis,Chicken Curry were all very good,tasty.

Okra was okay.
Pork ribs with Radish and Carrot soup.This was super good the soup was very flavourful with very soft tender fresh pork ribs.

Noodles were decent enough.

Braised Pork Ribs with Mushroom and Chye sim with Mushroom.Pork ribs was super good.Chye Sim was okay.

Dim Sum were very decent enough.

Wanton Mee,Laska etc... Char Siew and Roast Duck.Laska was superb the gravy was just too good.(no hums sob sob).Wanton was soup version only was good enough.The Char Siew and chicken were just so so.

I am not very fond Japanese food did not try.
Some Thai

There were only some salad and tom yum soup.Tom yum soup was good but slightly high on salt.

These were only seafood on ice very disappointing.
Pan Cake with sauces

Ice creams with toppings.Had vanilla with some toppings good quality.

All these had no name tags.Some I make out..Cakes.pastries,biscuit ,Apple crumble,Apricot pie,Marcoon..etc. Had some all were very good

Durian Pengat,Creme Brulee,Strawberry and Almond shot were very nice.Durian was very creamy,pure good quality.Creme Brulee and the shots very  nice.

Kuehs,Tip Bits & Cakes..

Chocolate fondue.

Chocolates and more chocolates.. tried all,good quality and very heavenly.

Drinks were coffee,5 types tea and one cold drink lemon grass tea.

Service was good.
Overall the dishes were all good enough.
But for the price of $68.26 person with taxes.There was nothing worth the vaule.
Certainly this lunch buffet was not the monies worth.
$58++ person.

food theather
Pan Pacific Singapore
Level 3
7 Raffles Boulevard


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