27 Sep 2013

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

It's been over some years,I have been to this place link .With a change of location,I checked out their new premises.

You have walk down few steps to order your food.They some have some varieties of sets dishes to go.Self service.

The place has much bigger seating's with seats along the side walk of the building.

Pork Chop Rice$4.00(Egg 0.50 cents).Not much changes from my previous visit.The preserved veges and the frozen mixed veges,were still with the set.I do not think the veges did any justice to the dish. But it's only my taste bud.

The pork as before was, is the star at this place.
On this day the pork chop was marinated perfectly,I can't tell whether it was refried or not.It was so very tender.Juices were flowing with every bite.
The pork chop was just easing in the mouth.Taste was just too good not to try.

 Bulkhaul House
67 Beach Road

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