3 Oct 2013

Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice

He was the head chef who was sacked from Tian Tian Chicken Rice stall.He had working with them for 20 years.Infact he was related to them.
Not giving in he set up his own stall, just 2 stalls from Tian Tian.This happen some 2 years back.
Now hopping they are well settle down,I just went down to try Ah Tai.

Order the set $5.00.(liver 0.50cents.)

The rice was not fragrant nor flavourful.Just some slight faint flavour and fragrant.Slightly under cooked.

Sorry the Chicken was not very tender nor that juicy.The sauce looked as if though starch was added.
The liver was okay,cooked just right.

The veges were disappointing.

The only reason I could see the some constant queue is the name,that he has worked for more than twenty years and the price.

Surely Tian Tian had withhold some very important details from him.

This was my first try.And from what I have tasted another try is certainly not coming very soon.

Overall what I had today was not up to the par, taste was way too average on this day,to  give Tian Tian or any top chicken rice stall a run for their money.
Prices from $2.50.

Ah Tai Haninese Chicken Rice
Maxwell Food Centre
I Kadayayanallur Street #10-07

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