13 Oct 2013

Hippoptamus Restaurant Grill

A French restaurant born in 1968 in Paris.In Singapore for about 2 years now.Popular for their wide selections of  cuts.Sorry I don't take beef so some other cuts.2 visit ...

On the house Ciabatta with butter.The bread was quite dry,the butter was hard.On house.. no complain.

Soup of Day was Tomato soup with Lamb $6.90.
It was a weird combination. Very strong thick tomato taste with added chunks of lamb meat,did not taste like, it was cooked together with the soup..It did not blend that well but did finish it.

Lamb Rack $36.00.
The cuts were big and thick.The sides I had,were baked potato and French beans.Both the sides were mediocre.The potato was over baked with tiny bit of sour cream,the beans were very bland,quite soggy.And the béarnaise sauce was not for my taste.

The lamb was simply superb.Marinated and seasoned just nice for my liking.

Slightly charred  was a wonderful touch with full flavour bursting in the mouth.My meat was well done but was cooked to the right tenderness,soft,very moist.With juices flowing with every cut through the meat..Grill right for my taste.Every bite was heaven in the mouth.Maybe the best lamb rack I have had so far.

Combo Dessert.Floating Island,Creme Brulee,Strawberry Sherbet,Fruit Salad and Cerpe with Chocolate sauce.$10.90
The floating Island and Strawberry sherbert were better ones' on this day.Creme Brulee and fruits were okay.

2nd Visit...

On the house chips,home made chips.Let me put this way,this was the best chips I have eaten so far.Simply awesome.Very crispy with some bite,perfectly fried.
.And the nice lady there even refilled a second time with more.And I finished it in jiff.If this was on the menu I will certainly pay for this.

French Onion Soup. $8.90.
It suppose be topped with cheese,I requested without cheese.
The soup was loaded with soft tasting onions.The natural sweetness of the onion was very obvious in soup.The soup was sweet and had a very distinct taste by itself.

Squid Sticks.$8.90. Was quite nicely seasoned crispy,chewy,tasty.

Pork Chop.Sides were Fries and Veges.$19.90 with Thai chilly sauce.
Fries were big portion,tasted very good,crispy and soft.Had a very nice bite to it.Veges was boiled normal.Chilly sauce was too very sweet for my liking.
First bite of the pork chop,was a wow!.The meat very tender,soft,very moist.there was this smokiness which added to the taste..
Natural juices from the meat flowed steaming with a few cuts and tasted awesome.But after a few minutes the meat toughen abit.Not far but the difference from the first few bites and later were too obvious not to notice.
But still this a one better pork chop I have had.

Warm Chocolate Cake.$11.90.
Was disappointing on this day.It was over baked and chocolate flow was dry.

My first visit the service not so friendly.Could not see any staff around.Appear when they served and disappeared.No water was offer,I had to ask for water. No refill of water,could not get anyone's attention.

But on the second visit the staffs were different.And they were very friendly with a caring service.With a smile ask whether I would like warm or cold water even without asking for it.
Different staffs refilling drinks and asking everything is okay,I need anything else.

Overall,I still like to try some of the other dishes on the menu.I am still having dreams about the chips and the lamb rack.Loved it.

Hippoptamus Restaurant Grill
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard


  1. On the house, eh? I guess anyone would be shy to make any complaints on the food being given free by the resto. But I have to agree with you with the baked potato and the French beans. They should have smothered the potato with more cream cheese and bacon, and by the color of the beans, I can already tell it was overcooked. But at least they had other food that tasted good, right? The lamb, especially, is glistening and truly mouthwatering.

    Bree Hq

  2. Wow this was such a good blogpost! And the desert looks like heaven! too bad it wasn't the best :(

    I would love it if you could check out my blog for a sec! :)

    Xx Amber

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  4. it's very interesting to read about different meal from another country! "tasty" photos, realy :)