24 Nov 2013

Rahim Muslim Food

First saw this stall on first series of Lost &Found.It was sold out the week  I went there.Again this stall was feature in 8 Days Eat .I knew I must try this stall.I was as around this area last week....

10 Nov 2013

Jade Of India

Were looking for some Indian Food.Have read some good reviews on this place.So here we are....

5 Nov 2013


I was around this shopping centre during lunch.Was walking around checking what to eat,when I notice this  place Poulet.Have read some reviews about their chicken ,so why not.

I stood alone at wait area alone.Their staff just glanced and were doing their things pretending not to notice.After afew mintues seeing I am not going to go off  a staff came and seated me.
It took another 5 to 10 minutes to get their attention to place my order.Mind you the place was quite empty.