10 Nov 2013

Jade Of India

Were looking for some Indian Food.Have read some good reviews on this place.So here we are....

Masala Fish Fry.$13.90.Fried fish was okay,taste was nice.But can get this type of fry fish for around $2.50 to $3.00 easily at any indian  food stall.But here it was fry when you order.But still the price seem high for this fish.

Tandoori Chicken Half.$13.90.This did not taste like any tandoori chicken I have had before.

The malasa spices was thick,still very wet.It tasted like some malasa chicken than tandoori.The tandoor  oven smokiness taste was also missing.

Sambal Kang Kong.$8.90.If I do not compare with any Chinese or Malay version.This kang kong dish was quite good in it's own way.Though it's not the usual sambal kang kong taste.

Rajasthani Hara Gosht.$15.90.Mutton cooked with spinach, mint and coriander leaves with some spices.The sauce was very very thick but not spicy.The mutton was very tender.

Butter Naan & Roomali Roti.$3.00 each.Butter Naan was very good crispy,yet very soft can be torn easily.Roomali Roti was soft,could be tron easily but not as thin as I would preferred

Jeera Rice.$5.90.Though there were some Jeera in the rice.The Jeera flavour did not come out.But the rice was cooked very well and was tasty.

Gulab Jamun.$5.00.The outer part was a bit soft the inner part was still quite hard.

Masala Tea.$3.90.The flavour of the tea was very well blended with masala.It very nice.But....
has I was drinking, there were bits of some things going through the throat.

I looked in there were some many unfiltered tea dust in the tea.

Overall the food was good.But very careless with the Tandoori Chicken,Gulab Jamun and the tea.

Jade of India
172 Race Course Road
#01-01/05 Soho @ Farrer.

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