5 Nov 2013


I was around this shopping centre during lunch.Was walking around checking what to eat,when I notice this  place Poulet.Have read some reviews about their chicken ,so why not.

I stood alone at wait area alone.Their staff just glanced and were doing their things pretending not to notice.After afew mintues seeing I am not going to go off  a staff came and seated me.
It took another 5 to 10 minutes to get their attention to place my order.Mind you the place was quite empty.

Mushroom Soup & Baguette.$5.80 & $2.00.

The soup was a kind watery taste was like milk with with bit pieces of mushroom.It was not creamy ,not thick enough.Taste was quite bland..
The crotons were nice.

Poulet Roti Half.$15.80.Half chicken served in white creamy sauce.Just comes like this no sides.

The chicken was soft but not moist enough abit of dry and bland tasting And the sauce  did not help much.It was another bland tasting milk,sorry it tasted like milk.

Drink. Sprite $3.80.They do not  serve and water .Only mineral water.

Sorry,what I had on this day,did not work out for my taste bud was expecting something much much higher in flavour and taste.Maybe it's just my taste bud.

210 Victoria Street.

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