24 Nov 2013

Rahim Muslim Food

First saw this stall on first series of Lost &Found.It was sold out the week  I went there.Again this stall was feature in 8 Days Eat .I knew I must try this stall.I was as around this area last week....

The first thing that attracted at that moment were chunks of chicken pieces on the mee rebus.The chicken  were thick cuts.The mee rebus sauce was okay with the right thickness and flavour.But did not stand out.With the satay sauce,there was a difference in taste .But the satay sauce itself was quite average.Mixing the both together tasted much better.But the main star here were chunks of chicken.

Bee Hoon Mee Soto.The soup was a kind of sweet tasting,flavours were light.Served with thick chicken chunks .The soup was really not there.It was quite average tasting.

A week later in the eveining around 6.00p.m. I was around this place I decide try out without the satay sauce..Sorry to say the mee rebus sauce was very thick starchy.The flavour were not there at all..It looks like as though starch and water were add to make for the short fall.

So my advice would be to try in afternoon rather in the evening.Price shot up a week later for both mee rebus and mee soto.
Prices:Mee Rebus:$3.20 /with chicken $3.80
           Mee Soto $3.80

Rahim Muslim Food
Fu Chan Coffeeshop
Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio
Ave 8.

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