21 Dec 2013

Pita Pan

A Mediterranean Vegetarian Bistro
It's like a fast food concept.
You place your order at the counter pay and wait for the beep to buzzer.You collect your items at the counter.

2 visits.

Like a salad bar counter most of the stuff right in front at the counter.

Mediterranean Platter Veggie Shawarma $20.90/Fries $6.90/ Latte $7.00.
In the menu photos they showed the platter had some Falafel.

When I picked up my order there were no Falafel in my platter.I asked they said mine was only with vege sob.. sob. I should have asked. The  platter came with 2 pitas.
Taste wise this more of like eating salad with so much veges,pickle vege,yogurt vege etc....
Not sure whether I really like it but I was hungry enough to finish all by myself expect for some pickle veges.

Fries with Za'atar Spice.$6.90.Fries were not as very crispy as should be.The spice was some mixture of pepper.Overall it  was quite okay.

Latte $7.00. Was decent but not good enough.Just opposite across  them,a much cheaper and better latte is served.
2nd visit ....

I just had to try the Falafel.So I went a week later...

Full pocket Sandwich with 5 Falafel.$10.90.They put all the falafel together in the bottom of the pita.With my choice of any or all the veges available at the counter.

I have dig a piece or two for my photo.
Eaten as whole as a sandwich pita this was really very good,very nice with the veges and the crispy bite  of the falafel did great volume of flavour to the whole pocket.

Couscous and Soup.$11.90. I did not quite fancy their couscous.But did enjoy the soup.It had big chunks of veges in it like carrot,cabbage,zucchini and etc..Taste was very comforting, nice.Finish till the last drop.

Pita Pizza(Extravaganza).$14.90.My mistake I thought I going to have some pizza.No this is sliced pita bread to 2 pieces add some veges and cheese.The bread was not crispy nor had enough bite on the pita with condiment.Not what I expected.

Overall quite good place for the vegetarians and health conscious.I did enjoy the soup and the pocket.

Pita Pan
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard

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