30 Dec 2013

Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine

Ala carte Buffet....

Bought some deal coupons and made reservation.And went to this place.The place was very posh and clean.With a open kitchen concept.

Braised Pork Ribs with Special Home Made Sauce.Soft,tender different in taste but was very tasty.

Kao Fu.Flavourful ,very pleasant in the mouth and yummy.

Crispy Fried White Bait with Garlic and Chilly.Big Baits,very crispy,light with a lot of bite.Garlic and chilly added to the taste.

Sze Chuan Lamian with Pig Intestine.The intestine did not do much.But the noodles with slight spiciness in the stock,were excellent.

Xian long Pau.The skin was quite thick but the stock and pork was very tasty.

Steam Meat Dumpling with Chive Shoot / Vegetable Pork Dumpling.Both the dumpling tasted quite the same .The skin was slight thicker than what I have eaten else where.But was quite tasty.

Fried Baby Cabbage with Garlic well what was wrriten on the menu.Very well blanched with the garlic and stock.One of my favourite of the day.

Fried Shredded Dry Beancurd with Shredded Chicken and Ham.This was quite salty.

Stewed Pork Home-Made Style.This just melted in the mouth.Would have preferred with some bite to it.The sauce was nice.

Double Boiled WaterCress with Pork Soup.The soup was very flavourful.

Deep Fried Soon Hock with Pine Nuts in Sweet &Sour Sauce.$35.00.
This dish was not in the buffet menu but on offer as a 50% discount.Infact there were 3 dishes to choose from,sadly we choose this.
The fish on this day was not quite fresh,certainly not a live fish.With the deep fried batter we could hardly taste the fish flesh.With thick batter dominating.
The sauce was so very thick and taste did not please us.
Just one piece taken by each non of us  took another helping.

Overall,staffs were friendly service was good.Almost all the buffet dishes were too good to miss.
But very limited dishes on the buffet menu.
The noodles dish and both the pork dumplings serving were too big of a portion for a buffet..

We would have eaten more but after the fish we had this numbing feeling in the throat.
Minus the fish what we had,certainly worth another trip.
With discount deal $19.90++.
Normal price $29.90.++

Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard

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