27 Jan 2013

Mirchi Masa-Lah
Boat Quay

We thought we found the best North Indian Restaurant.But...on the second visit......

Suitated along the beauitful river setting in row of restaurants in Boat Quay.A simple al freso setting along river bay was exciting by itself.This place nearly knock me with some fantasic food on my first visit.But on my second visit....

22 Jan 2013

Yong Tau Fu

Usually when I have Chinese food being sold halal,one try and usually no return visit.Don't get me wrong  I love halal food like Nasi Padang ,mee rebus,mee goreng etc.
But when it comes to Chinese version food like Hokkien mee,Char kway teow,Yong tau fu etc., it's a different story.

14 Jan 2013

Kovan Rojak

Kovan hawker stalls has some high records for stalls bought.With the highest being around $340,000.
But this stall Rojak stall loses out with a price tag of around $300,000.Strange they can be so confident they can make back the profits with just selling rojak.The boss does not hang around the workers to the job.

Walking round this corner of the hawker centre you can't miss this place.With a decent queue still in line.You can see the rojak plate on nearly every table and it was only around 3.40p.m.

9 Jan 2013

Chuan Lai Guo Zhi Wang
Bitter Herbal Kway Chap

Decades back,kway chap was once a poor man's dish.
In my primary school days.I use cycle very early in morning around 6.30am,before school starts.Just have  to have kway chap,5 cents for the teow soup and 5cents for the intestine.And serving would more than enough for two.
But now I better check my wallet before I order,for the prices for kway chap can be quite scary.

When I was at Wo Peng I notice this display that I just pulled me back to this place like a magnet.