13 Oct 2013

Hippoptamus Restaurant Grill

A French restaurant born in 1968 in Paris.In Singapore for about 2 years now.Popular for their wide selections of  cuts.Sorry I don't take beef so some other cuts.2 visit ...

On the house Ciabatta with butter.The bread was quite dry,the butter was hard.On house.. no complain.

3 Oct 2013

Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice

He was the head chef who was sacked from Tian Tian Chicken Rice stall.He had working with them for 20 years.Infact he was related to them.
Not giving in he set up his own stall, just 2 stalls from Tian Tian.This happen some 2 years back.
Now hopping they are well settle down,I just went down to try Ah Tai.

Order the set $5.00.(liver 0.50cents.)