11 Jan 2014

Fatty Cheong

My favourite Char Siew  Heaven

I Started eating at this stall some 5 years back.The Char Siew were plain heaven in the mouth.The Sio Bak was not that impressive then.Have made couples trips for sometimes.
Recently had this ugre for some good Char Siew tried some near my place and at China town,Paya lebar.
No ,this stalls did not please.
Okay Friday afternoon went to ABC BrickWorks to Fatty Cheong reached there around near to 2.40p.m.

There was still quite a queue and the some of the people were buying 20 packs and more.

Rice with Char Siew & Sio Bak.$3.00.Serving was big.Okay be frank I have not been impressed with rice before and not impress with their rice now.Their rice has this sticky feel to it.Something  like between  glutinous and claypot  rice.For me it did not go quite well.

Wanton Mee.$3.00.Wanton noodles were quite QQ,wantons were okay.Has whole quite decent in taste but not something I will go out of the way to have.

The main reason for my visit...

The Sio Bak $10.00.
Some time back I did not quite like the Sio Bak.Today when ate the rice,the sio bak had quite a ommph.The meat was warm the skin was crispy slight juices flowed with every bite.The spice rub did not over power.I liked it quite a lot.

Char Siew.$10.00.
My main reason for my  trip from Yishun to ABC BrickWorks.
Char Siew from the armpit area.This is the meat part I always ask when I here.With some fat in between the meat,decliously charcoal smoked.Slightly charred,slight caramelise sweetness.
Soft,tender with so much bite to it.
Every bites were heaven in my mouth.
This Char Siews for me are Godsend.
Friendly staff.

The following week I went there bought another pack of $10.00 each Char Siew and Sio Bak and munched it away all by myself.
The queue around 3.00p.m was still there.
I am not quite impress with rice nor the noodles.But for the plain armpit Char Siew...
Maybe this weekend I might go again.
For me worth my trips.

Fatty Cheong
#01-120, ABC Brickworks Food Centre
Blk 6 Jalan Bukit Merah

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