18 Jan 2014

Golden Pillow

Their main attraction is the bun.Bun with the main inside...

Yes the main dish is hidden right in the bread.

Have eaten from this delivery services some years back.This weekend we thought why not give a try,since it's been so long we have had the food from this place.
I call made some orders through phone.The lady was very polite and friendly .

The items arrive on time with smiling and friendly delivery man.
Okay now for the food...
Orders,were curry mutton....

Golden Pillow Mutton Curry Bun.$17.00.
The mutton curry inside the bread wrapped tightly and neatly.

Okay now for the taste.....there was this very strong fragrant smell which most likely used for sweet dessert.It was just overwhelming, we could not eat the mutton with such strong fragrant lingering with every piece of mutton.The bread was fluffy but quite sweet tasting.

Braised Chicken Feet.$12.00.It's was a very scary looking braised chicken feet.It looked more to a dark,black watery soup.Taste was really off.

Prawn & chicken Roll.$8.00.At least this was eatable.Nothing much very very average to below.

Fried Rice.$5.00.Tasted more to a slightly stir white rice.

Servicing portion were quite big.
But very very sadly,all the dishes I had,on this day ,did not please us.
Was very below normal eating standard.
Can certainly get better food at hawkers centre than what I ate on this day.


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