22 Feb 2014

Blanco Court Prawn Mee

I have passed by this place very often for the pass 25 to 30 years but I don't why I never had thought of trying this prawn mee...till now.

$10.00.This is the jumbo prawn mee. 2 Angka big prawn slice into half.

16 Feb 2014

Yong Ji Sotong Prawn Noodle

A Hokkien Prawn mee stall opened just a couple of months ago.There is no stalls just selling Hokkien prawn noodles in this food centre.There is one stall selling with other noodles.

Manned by some young guys at wok.

8 Feb 2014

a noodle story

A innovation,simple yet complicated dish suited for our local taste buds.This is "a noodle story".

Trying to bring a local dish with a twist. According to them "our very own true local style version Singapore ramen".

2 Feb 2014

Hui Wei Cinese Thai Cuisine

Located along Upper Thomson Road shop houses this a branch from French Road.A Chinese Thai style cuisine. In a clean neat coffee shop environment.

Signature Fish Head small.$16.00.