8 Feb 2014

a noodle story

A innovation,simple yet complicated dish suited for our local taste buds.This is "a noodle story".

Trying to bring a local dish with a twist. According to them "our very own true local style version Singapore ramen".

3 price stated.This is the $5.50.With 2 Hong Kong style wanton.3 slices of Cha Su,half a hot spring egg and a potato wrapped prawn.
The wanton were very crunchy,juicy with prawn and pork with cuttlefish dust was very good by itself.The Cha Su had a tasted between  bacon and braised pork,which I enjoyed alot. The eggs were very nice with soft still running yolk in the centre.The prawn rolled around the potato.With crispy potato wrapped around a crunchy prawn.It made me want more.

Noodles were  cooked perfectly well,very springy,But they were very thin noodles,thus the al dente factor crunch was a bit missing.But it still had a lot of bite to it.
The seasoning were very good,very tasty.Did enjoy  it very much,
But the all very important oomph factor was missing ,to make it stand out on it's own.
Other wise this was still a very good noodles on it's own.

Soup was good with slight pork,bacon and prawn taste in it.

Made another trip had the $7.50.version.It had 4 wantons,5 Cha Su, a whole egg and still only 1 potato prawn roll.

They do sell the accompanying condiment separately.

Overall yes, there was innovation  in the ingredients.
I did like the taste and enjoy it.
They just need to tweak a bit more to make it stand out.
Such innovation are commendable
I  don't mind going again.

a noodle story
Amoy Street Food Centre
7 Maxwell Road.
Closed on Sat/Sun/PH

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