22 Feb 2014

Blanco Court Prawn Mee

I have passed by this place very often for the pass 25 to 30 years but I don't why I never had thought of trying this prawn mee...till now.

$10.00.This is the jumbo prawn mee. 2 Angka big prawn slice into half.
The prawns were very fresh tasting sweet,crunchy and very savoury and yummy.

The dry version yellow mee with bee hoon was best complimenting taste with the chilly.The chilly was very tasty went very well with the both noodles.

What is prawn mee without the soup broth. And this one hell of a prawn broth.One of the best tasting prawn broth around.With very strong prawn and a light mix of pork flavour giving a awesome taste..Was very savoury and a pleasure drink.

$5.50 prawn mee with pork ribs.Smaller prawns certainly but very fresh and crunchy and tasty.Had this with just the yellow noodles.
The combination of bee hoon and yellow mee was much more better tasting.

 $4.50. Ribs with Skin.Just had about 4 pieces of ribs and 3 pieces of skin.The soup with toway  and chives did not please me well.It somehow lost it great taste,it was a kind of light.The prawn broth was tasting complete different than one given separate with the dry version.

Big seating area can easily seat about over hundred people.Clean and neat.

Overall one of the top Prawn Mee around.
The dry version certainly kicks with it's separate bowl of soup.
A must try for any prawn mee lovers.
Worth the trip.

After trying I did a quick search and found they are one of the pioneer who started the prawn mee legacy .

Blanco Court Prawn Mee
243 Beach Road.
Closed on Tuesday.

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