2 Feb 2014

Hui Wei Cinese Thai Cuisine

Located along Upper Thomson Road shop houses this a branch from French Road.A Chinese Thai style cuisine. In a clean neat coffee shop environment.

Signature Fish Head small.$16.00.One bite we just went wow!This was a perfect steamed Red Snapper head.A super fresh taste,very light,soft,falky just melts in the mouth.With their very own unique green gravy sauce.A blend of veges,which had slight sourness,a hint of sweetness with awesome falvour and taste..Just awesome. Yummylious. Had 2 times and both times were just superb.

Fish Maw Soup.$6.00.Big serving for small portion.Soup was with lot of mushroom with bits of fish maw all over the soup.Taste was not bad.Was okay cannot complain for price and portion.

Mei Ren Yu eggplant.$9.00.Another wow! factor dish.A eggplant I have never come cross done way .Crispy,full bodied light sweetness,lightly spice with so much flavour and taste bursting in the mouth.Superb,amazing the way it was done.

 Thai style Fried Cuttlefish.$9.00.Big thick strip of  fried cuttlefish,was crispy with lot of bite to it.Taste by itself was quite bland,the sauce was very average.But when the cuttlefish had cool it tasted much better than it was hot.

Tom Yam Seafood Soup.$5.00.Choke full of ingredients with 3 types of mushroom,cuttlefish prawns and fish.Flavourful and tasty.

Pineapple Fried Rice.$4.00.A big serving for the price.Nicely done,quite tasty.

Deep Fried Pork Belly with Preserved Bean Curd.$8.00.A unique taste crispy,soft tender bites of pork.Yes I did like the taste. Was nice to munch.

Stir fried Romaine Lettuce with Preserved bean curd.$8.00.Did not quite like preserved bean curbs sauce,the vege was very cruchy .

Tau fu with prawns & crab sauce.$20.00.Did not quite like it.Tau fu was not home made .It was tough from over steam,so was the prawns.The sauce did not have enough kick.

Thai style Fried Fish.$18.00.The fish was over fried,hard no sauce.When we asked for the sauce it took about 15 minutes to come.The sauce was same as the one with the fried cuttlefish.Maybe it was meant to be eaten without sauce.We did not quite fancy this dish.

Chilly Cuttlefish.$9.00.The cuttlefish had lot of crunch to it.But sauce did not pack enough taste or punch to it.The chilly was bland, salt was,like it was missing.

Braised Pork Shank.$13.00.I usually don't like it very soft.But this was different.Yes it was soft very tender.melts in the mouth.Yet had a lot of bite to it.The skin was so marvellous silky heaven sliding through the mouth.This was just to good to miss.Loved it very siok.

Mixed veges with Lotus Root.$9.00.Sautéed  Celery,French beans.Top with fried paper thin lotus roots. This was a winner by all means.Everyone loved and fought for it.

Fried noodles.$4.00.Deep Fried bee hoon top with veges,prawns,cuttlefish,pork,fish and fish cake.With some crunch to the bite this was tasty and nice.

Overall very friendly.
Cheap,big serving even for small portion dishes.
There were some hits and some misses.
The hits were so different,unique  taste, dare to say, extra ordinarily skilfully done and superbly delicious .
Sure worth the trip.

Hui Wei Chinese Thai Cuisine
906P Upper Thomson Road

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