16 Feb 2014

Yong Ji Sotong Prawn Noodle

A Hokkien Prawn mee stall opened just a couple of months ago.There is no stalls just selling Hokkien prawn noodles in this food centre.There is one stall selling with other noodles.

Manned by some young guys at wok.

The noodles $3.50, were topped with lard,2 prawns,cuttle fish and pork belly.Nowadays finding pork belly in Hokkien mee is getting quite rare.Even when some stall have it,it's so very tiny,mirco cuts.
Here it had some reasonable size
.It had some nice wok hei,reasonable stock broth but can be better.

Overall a decent Hokkien mee .

Yong Ji Sotong Prawn Noodle
Albert Food Centre
270 Queens Street

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