15 Mar 2014

Fluff Bakery

I must admit I am not a big fan of cup cakes.Have tried some popular ones when the craze was out for cup cakes.I did not quite fancy those.And I though I would not be bother with another.....

That's all changed with a bite from Fluff Bakery cup cakes.,..

The brainchild of Fluff Bakery...  Ms Nursyazanna Syaira .

A very small place,only takeaways.

Bakery....works still goes on just a step at see through glass door.As customers are still buying.

At present they only sell six flavours a day.And it varies on other days.

On another day...
They sell some creative cup cakes like Tea Tarik,Creme Brulee,Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Almonds,etc.. All the cup cakes are priced at $4.00 each.
Maximun per person it states 12 cup cakes.But sure there is a leeway.

Above the very popular Nutella Red Velvet.

All the cup cakes here were super fluffy,moist,very airy,light.Just melts before a bite.Not overly sweet just right....with super frosting toppings.

Every cup cakes have some kind of super yummy filling according to the flavours.Yummy..!! Yummy..!!
My personal favourite has to salted cramel,banana peanut butter.I usually do not quite fancy peanut butter.But here the blend just took me by surprise .

The doors opens at about 12.00p.m.
But the long queues are formed long before.
Go early get stuck in the queue..go late chances most of the flavours sold out ,maybe all sold out.
They sell anything from 800 to 1000 cup cakes within 2 to 3 hours.

Overall...this is so far super yummylicious best cup cakes I eaten.
Very friendly and cheerful service.

Fluff Bakery
12 Jalan Pisang


  1. fluff bakery not fluffy bakery :P

  2. Thanks you! corrected the name.