2 Mar 2014

Indian Express

Was around Little India just decided to try out this place.

A small restaurant with a intimate and homely atmosphere

Half a Tandoori Chicken.$14.00.Well grilled in the tandoor.Nice flavours,good tandoori masala blend.Though the breast part was abit tough.

Butter &Garlic Naan.$2.50 each.Very good,soft and fluffy but quite thin.Must eat before it cools.

Lamb Rack Chappen.$19.00.Rack of lamb was a steal for the price 4 thick racks.Well seasoned and marinated with bursting  flavour.Soft,tender kind of melts in the mouth .Loved it

Dal Makhani.$8.00.Right thickness,good flavours.

Kadai Chicken.$12.00.Nice taste,mildly spiced,good flavours.

Kudan Kaliya.$16.00.Super tender,soft just melts in the mouth.Very good flavours,nicely spiced.Right amount of thickness.Went superbly well with the naans and rice.

Gulab Jamun.$5.00.Very soft,just melts with a bite.

Service was good.
Overall this was a surprise.
All the stuff we had were really good enough for repeat visit.

India Express
Traditional Indian & Lucknavi Cuisine.
38 Race Course Road.

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