30 Mar 2014

SongFa Bak Kut Teh

Located along New Bridge Road they have two shops by the side.

Both the shops were packed.And it was Saturday close to 3p.m.Staffs were using high tech with ear piece walkie talkie to communicate with each other . We waited for awhile and were given our seats.

We order few dishes.

Pork Rib Soup.$6.50.Soft, tender thick meat.The soup was tasty not overwhelm with pepper just nice.

Premium Loin Ribs.$9.00.This ribs were certainly more tender,very savoury,sucklen and much more tastier than the above ribs.

Sliced Fish Soup.$6.50.The soup was the same pork soup.The soup did change in taste with sliced fish in it.This did not go well with us.Maybe the type of  fish used.

Braised Intestine.$6.50.Savoury,slight crunchiness the braished sauce nice,But the serving was little.

Braised Trotters.$6.50.Soft,tender meat was nice but very little serving.

Braised Beancurd with Chicken Feet.$3.50.The feet were very soft just comes out the bone with sucking in the mouth.Tua kee was okay.We  order another just chicken feet and served the same with tua kee.

Kai Lan.$3.50.Was okay.

Braised Groundnuts.$2.50.Quite pricy for the portion.But was good.

Salted vege.$2.50.For the price very little portion other was nicely blanched with sauce,

Dough Fritter.$1.00.Was fresh not dry.

Service was okay.
Overall all the dishes were good...above average.
But the price and the portion can be disappointing.

We went to..
11 New Bridge Road #01-01

17 New Bridge Road #01-01


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