22 Apr 2014

Puggol Nasi Lemak

At Jalan Besar
The name Puggol Nasi Lemak was good enough for me to give try.Have always wanted to try out and I got chance now.

Just open ,

13 Apr 2014

Habib's Rojak

Went to this place just to try out this rojak.

The ingredients were all very fresh tasting.Refried and served with the rojak sauce.

6 Apr 2014

Heavens Indian Snacks

Freshly made Putu Mayam.( Idiyapam, String Hoppers)

From the people from Heavens Indian Curry.click here

The putu mayam stall was first opened in Bedok. I could not find the time to go there.The stall closed and open here at Kranji MRT Kopitam.