6 Apr 2014

Heavens Indian Snacks

Freshly made Putu Mayam.( Idiyapam, String Hoppers)

From the people from Heavens Indian Curry.click here

The putu mayam stall was first opened in Bedok. I could not find the time to go there.The stall closed and open here at Kranji MRT Kopitam.

Freshly steamed putu mayam are virtually vanished from from Singapore scene.Yes you can get pre packed putu mayam easily every corner  of Indian stall.But freshly steam right in from of your eyes,is non existence.Till now from Heaven's Indian Snacks stall it's real.

The taste was so refreshing from pre pack it not hard not to notice the difference. These were sliky soft ,light,texture was awesome.There was no gummy taste which you get from pre pack.The coconut and the red sugar went very well.Though I would have prefer some chicken curry to go with it.
These are not just rice flour steamed.There has been certainly some very good research on mixing  and forming the dough for the putu mayam,to get a taste with this high quality putu mayam.
These were heaven in the mouth.

They also sell appam  and varies with like of chocolate ,cheese etc..But I did not quite fancy the appam.These were very crispy but the centre was not fluffy.Almost flat and had gummy taste.There are many other stalls that sell better than this.Even at Ghim Moh it's way much better.But if just like it very crispy.

But for putu mayam  you can't beat this.
So far the best Putu Mayam I have had.

Heavens Indian Snacks
Kranji MRT Station Kopitiam
960 Woodlands Road

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