26 May 2014

Song Han Carrot Cake

Carrot cake no not just any carrot cake.But Curry Powder Carrot Cake.
I did not notice the sign till I had bite....

I was in queue about five people in front and and all were asking for more chilly to be added ,even young girl was asking for more chilly.On my first plate, I just bought the normal chilly added.(The powder looked more like a chilly paste).

23 May 2014

Xing Yun Kway Chap

Open only for 3 days in a week.
And with quite a repetition among foodies.

Had been waiting for sometime to try out.

18 May 2014

Da Bo Hainanese Chicken Rice Curry Chicken Noodle

Golden mile food centre is one of my  frequent eating places.

With so many visits there and I have even eaten at this stall before but I missed the most popular dish here......

11 May 2014

Ah Seng Bak Kut Teh

Heard this stall has about 44years history.
Have walked by this place many a times. Decided give a try .

Long Ribs $6.00.Not really that long.Meat was very soft,tender but something was amiss,was not that tasty.

4 May 2014

The FishBall Story

Handmade Fishball and Fish Cake made without adding any flour or starch to it.

This is 100 % pure yellow tail fish beaten into a paste to a right texture.
I had 2 tries .
$3.00 version.Had Mee Kia the noodles were super QQ with lot of bite to it.The sauce was almost excellent,blended perfectly well with the noodles and the fishball.

The first time fish was good but did not quite have the bite,or crunch  to it.It was a bit hard .But wait a minute my second try.

Had $4.00 version.Had Kway Teow this time around.The serving was generous with extra fishball and fish cake slices.Loved the kway teow with sauce.

This time around the fishball and fishcake were damm siok.
It was quite bouncy.Juices flowed with a bite.
It had a crunch and lot of bite to it.It was almost a prefect fish ball and the fish cake were no push over.
This was really very tasty... delicious .

Overall it had been some decades having fish ball or fish cake without any flour,at a fishball stall.
If I had go by my second visit this was as good as it can get.Super siok.
For more their facebook.Fishball story

The Fish Ball Story
Golden Mile Hawker Centre
Beach Road