11 May 2014

Ah Seng Bak Kut Teh

Heard this stall has about 44years history.
Have walked by this place many a times. Decided give a try .

Long Ribs $6.00.Not really that long.Meat was very soft,tender but something was amiss,was not that tasty.

Normal ribs.$5.00.These were some like some left over chopped pieces,Very small pieces with almost very little meat attached.
The soup for both ribs were light,quite salty,did not have a strong enough flavourful pork stock broth in it.

Another day I just had to try if the their normal ribs,it was acceptable size.This time around the rib were very meaty only 2 pieces had bones on it.I would certainly prefer with bone and meat.The soup was still quite salty and soup stock was still the same not flavourful enough.

Peanut & Persevered veges. $1.00.each.Peanut was okay,veges  was salty.

Some 44 years history Bak Kut Teh.maybe some might prefer this.But did not go that well for my taste bud.Maybe not my day.

492/494 North Bridge Road

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