18 May 2014

Da Bo Hainanese Chicken Rice Curry Chicken Noodle

Golden mile food centre is one of my  frequent eating places.

With so many visits there and I have even eaten at this stall before but I missed the most popular dish here......

My visit to this stall had been chicken rice.$4.00.The rice was quite fragrant.

The white chicken was decent soft but not tender enough but moist and juicy.The roasted chicken was much better slight crispiness on the skin,soft,tender flesh.
Serving was quite big for the price.
The soup was nice,had lot of bean sprouts .Chilly could have been better.

The dish I missed on my visits...I saw some people eating this but I did not know this stall was serving this dish..

Chicken curry noodles.$4.00( small).Loaded with ingredients like chicken,fish cake tau pok,potato and dried pork skin etc.Now the white chicken in the gravy tasted so different ,though it is the same white chicken.It was very nice,tasted so good. It blended just perfectly well.

Had thin been hoon,the gravy went very well with the noodle.

The gravy was very refreshing,light,more to traditional, old school taste.Tasted more to a light laska gravy,with all the right flavouring.It just blended very well with all the ingredients.Giving it a very distinct flavour and taste.

This curry mee (or is it laska curry mee),just hit my taste bud.Bringing some old memoies.
I drank the last drop of the gravy.

For a taste of old school .

Friendly lady taking the orders and informs the price,if try adding other or extra ingredients to your dish.

Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road.

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