26 May 2014

Song Han Carrot Cake

Carrot cake no not just any carrot cake.But Curry Powder Carrot Cake.
I did not notice the sign till I had bite....

I was in queue about five people in front and and all were asking for more chilly to be added ,even young girl was asking for more chilly.On my first plate, I just bought the normal chilly added.(The powder looked more like a chilly paste).

$3.00 Black and the white version.The carrot cake texture was very soft,light,melts easily without abite.The difference  comes in the curry powder but it's not powder but in a wet texture,when he uses it in the carrot cake.

The curry or the chilly was not spicy nor hot.But had a special fragrant that excites in the mouth.And it was very tasty.

He adds very small crystallise shrimps.Which adds taste and gives some crunches in the some of  bites to this carrot cake.
Bought twice after my first and both with extra chilly.The white version seems more popular with the customers .
But I did like both the black and the white.
For my taste bud it really excited me.I really liked taste of this carrot cake.
Prices from $2.00.

The carrot itself had superb texture and uniqueness  in the taste comes from the curry(chilly).
I do not mind making a trip there,just to have this Curry Powder Carrot Cake..Loved it.

Song Han Carrot Cake
Tampines Round Market
137  Tampines Street 11

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