1 Jun 2014

Fried Kway Teow

Amoy Food Centre.
This has to be one of the oldest char kway teow stalls around.When I worked at Raffles Place over some 20 years ago,I ate at this stall quite a number of times .Last eaten was some maybe 10 years back..

This week I had sudden urge to have this char kway teow.Went there before the lunch crowd came.And you know what, the same man is still at the wok.Heard is about 75 years old now.He is still handing the busy snake long lunch queue.Without showing a any strain of age,and he does his frying at super fast   speed..

$3.00 with extra cockles.$1.00.Quite lot of cockles for the price.Nice wok hei,not overly sweet,nice texture.Looks simply but frying certainly had a lot of skill.A wet version,savoury.Every mouthful was delight in my tummy.
Certainly no regrets making trip all the way there.

With so many stalls coming and vanishing.This stall still stands tall on it's own.
Worth a try... taste the old master's magic hand's work

Fried Kway Teow
01- 01
Amoy Street Food Centre.
7 Maxwell Road.

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