27 Jul 2014

Pig Totters (Ter Ka)

When I visited this place for kolo mee I noticed quite number of tables having pig's totter(ter ka).And it looked the way I would like to have....

Pig totters.$3.00.The sauce might be watery but well balance right sweetness and salt.

19 Jul 2014

Chang Ji Gourmet

I saw a long queue at this stall.And It was not even open yet.
A gourmet meal for my breakfast.

 Ha Ha.. wait a minute don't be carried away the by the name.These are very very simple dishes.

14 Jul 2014

Chen Ji Shoa La

Chen Ji Char Siew and Roast Pork

A buddy  told to give a try if I was around this food centre.

6 Jul 2014

Pan Ji Cooked Food

One of the vanishing traditional Chinese snacks, Sar Kay Mah ,Sesame Egg Split and Honey Twist.

Chai Wee Cuttlefish

Another hand made stuff on the spot.Pig Ear's Biscuit and Crispy Cuttlefish.

Yes we can get this factory made easily in most store.