19 Jul 2014

Chang Ji Gourmet

I saw a long queue at this stall.And It was not even open yet.
A gourmet meal for my breakfast.

 Ha Ha.. wait a minute don't be carried away the by the name.These are very very simple dishes.

Yes, these are very simple breakfast bee hoon,porridge and mee.They only sell these 3 dishes and nothing else.Yes no sides and still pulling the crowd.

The soya dark yellow mee was good but nothing so special.

Porridge was  watery type with bits of peanuts and some dry or fried fish,was quite tasty,for a dollar this was very nice.Combine to eat with bee hoon.

For me the real star here has to be the dark soya bee hoon.It had this so close to a yester year taste to it .It had this elastic,slight chewiness,prefect wok hei taste,very tasty.

This taste was quite common some 30-40 years back.Nowadays you don't get this.
Just loved the taste I make 3 extra trips just eat the bee hoon.

All 3 dishes were priced $1.00 each.

They fry in large quantity a number times and gets sold by noon maybe earlier at times.

So confided of their products it's really surprising they don't even sell any sides.
Gourmet? yes!, After decades to have this bee hoon was a real gourmet treat for me.

Chang Ji Gourmet
Chinatown Complex Market
Blk 335 Smith Street

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