6 Jul 2014

Pan Ji Cooked Food

One of the vanishing traditional Chinese snacks, Sar Kay Mah ,Sesame Egg Split and Honey Twist.

On first day bought one a small pack back home.My sister went crazy over the Sesame Egg Split ,it been ages she ate this she said,and this was soo good.
Next day went bought some more and bigger pack.This was that good.

Finding in super market and by factory supplier is another thing.But finding one freshly done is another thing.But doing it by himself is another level of commitment .And to make matters more complicated his left hand is deformed by birth and  uses only hand to knead.

Heard the whole process, which includes kneading, rising, cutting, frying, cooling, and coating, takes a about nine hours.

The star
All the stuff were good as it can get.But the really star has to be the Sar Kay .How he does is a skill by the masters.It's crispy ,yet soft and spongy inside.Almost no sweetness taste,very light on sweetnees and very flavourful.
This had to be best Sar Kay I have had so far.And other stuff s were far better than what I would find else where.
A vanishing trade hope it does not vanish.

Pan Ji Cooked Food
Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre
335 Smith St

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