27 Jul 2014

Pig Totters (Ter Ka)

When I visited this place for kolo mee I noticed quite number of tables having pig's totter(ter ka).And it looked the way I would like to have....

Pig totters.$3.00.The sauce might be watery but well balance right sweetness and salt.This  is the part of the ter ka I like a lot,not too meaty,not too fatty.And was cooked the way I love to have.Not over cooked,just right with soft meat with some bite.The skin still maintain a lot crunch to it.
The   ter ka was the way I love to have.And something I will travel out my way to have.

Pork ribs.$3.00.Serving portion was big.The sauce watery,but tasty.Ribs were soft,tender.Very decent for the price it was worth it.

Pork Belly with persevered veges.$3.00.Big serving.decent .

 The Bak Kut  / Pig's Organ soup.Serving was more than decent.But both the soup did not work for me.Not enough stock in the soups.

The Ter Ka was my favourite here.Some might not like by watery sauce but the ter ka was  just wonderful for my taste.

Claypot Bak Kut Teh
Sing Li Coffee Shop
177 MacPherson Road

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