26 Aug 2014

Keng Heng (Whampoa) Teow Chew Lor Mee

From Whampoa to Lucky Plaza now settle here in Golden .
I am not sure about this,heard this stall won some kind  king of kings award for hawker centre delicacies in 2012.

A bowl  $3.00, was quite big in portion.

23 Aug 2014

Babas Peranakan

Chinatown  Food & Market Complex.

This a very well known food stall.

The dishes fly off like hotcakes.But the cooking goes on.But the queue never ends.Don't expect get the dishes you prefer here if don't go early enough.

9 Aug 2014

Tong Ji Mian Shi

The stall is decently decorated with some newspaper clippings on the wall..And the main attraction has to be...

Lor Mee with Fried Lotus Root.$4.00

2 Aug 2014

Tasty Barbecue

If you around Maxwell Food Centre around after 6.00p.m.You will not miss the long queue this stall commands.
2 visits.

It's a western food stall selling limited western items.Curious enough I did make an affort to try out.