23 Aug 2014

Babas Peranakan

Chinatown  Food & Market Complex.

This a very well known food stall.

The dishes fly off like hotcakes.But the cooking goes on.But the queue never ends.Don't expect get the dishes you prefer here if don't go early enough.

Couple of visits still patronising


I notice if take 1 main 1side or 2 side they still charge $4.00.

A single cuttlefish was $2.00.

Their best seller has to be the whole fried chicken leg.Which is also $2.00.(but the price stated was $3.00)Very simple marinate with soy sauce but was certainly very tasty.

Their chicken curry is suppose be in the best seller for gravy.I prefer the assam fish gravy.

You would not be blown away by the taste.But I loved all the dishes I manage to get.Notice they don't really follow the stated price.Most the choice seems cheaper than the stated price.
Worth a try.

Babas Peranakan
Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre
335 Smith Street.

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